Module 11: Web Hosting and Domain Registration

This week the topic is web hosting and domain registration. This may be irrelevant for some in the class but I believe that if anyone is trying to have a real, professional looking site, not just used for a grade in the class, then they should purchase a domain name.

Web hosting is basically a server that gives websites a place in the internet while domains are interactive codes that give websites a particular name.

Purchasing a domain can be integral in making your website look more official and more professional. If people see the assigned domain given by the web host, then it doesn’t look like you care as much as if you have your own personalized domain name.

Do you think you will buy a domain name for yourself or your business? Why or why not?

Yes, I have already purchased my domain because having a website is something that I will use for my career as a photographer/videographer. Purchasing a domain was an investment that I believed would benefit me in the long run.

Do you think you will pay for hosting or use a free service (like the one provided in this class)? Why?

I am paying for a hosting service for my website. The hosting service that I used to create my website had a combined fee of hosting plus domain name so I pay a monthly fee for the two.