What I Use to Edit

Editing in Post production is the most important part of the content creating process. Of course shooting the material is important, but editing can make all the difference in the world in both photography and videography. Saying this, it is important to have decent editing software. So, I though I would talk about what I use.

I use all Adobe programs. Adobe is what I started off using when doing my first job, It is what I was taught with so I have stuck with it ever since. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Adobe has always been good to me so I don’t plan on changing.

There are a few programs in particular that I use and they are all for different things.


  1. Lightroom. All photographers should use Lightroom. A lot of people assume that when editing pictures, you should use photoshop, but that is not necessarily always they case. Lightroom is a program where you can manipulate the tones, colors, lights, shadows, highlights, saturations, tints, and so much more. Possibilities are endless in Lightroom. You can also use it to bulk edit and add watermarks.  You can edit a picture the way you want and then apply that same look to every single one of your pictures with a few clicks instead of doing every picture individually.
  2. Photoshop. I know I just said Photoshop is not a necessity, and it’s not! But I definitely do use it for some more advanced editing. Usually the only time I use it is if I have done some really close up shots of people. I will use Photoshop to fix gaps in a persons hair, edit out acne, smooth skin, whiten teeth, etc. All things that Lightroom is not capable of.


  1. Premiere Pro. Premiere is the ultimate video editing software available. Final cut is good but I find Premiere more useful. This is the only thing that I use to edit videos. Possibilities are endless for what anyone could want to do as far as cuts, effects, color grading, and anything else. I definitely recommend Premiere Pro.
  2. After Effects. This is a program that I rarely use. It is like advanced math with editing software. It is difficult but the things that people create in After Effects is incredible. Probably once of the most advanced of editing softwares, its incredible. I do not use this much at all, I have not yet taught myself how to navigate it. The only time I do use it is the random occasion that I want to use a preset that is offered through After Effects and that is just click and drag type stuff.


Some of these programs a pretty pricey but they are so needed in this industry!


Importance of Details

In the media field, there are so many different things to specialize in. Some people can be good at filming, but are not creative enough to make videos. Maybe they are creative, but are not tech savvy enough to edit. Some people may be great photographers but can’t edit their own pictures while others can edit and can’t work a camera.

So what? You can do what you can do and you’ll get an employee or coworker to do the parts you can’t do. Right?

This could be the case but think about it this way:

You do a $200 job photographing a couples engagement pictures. These pictures need to be edited but you have no idea how to do it. You have two choices-

  1. Give the couple unedited pictures which look okay and have them be partly satisfied with you work.
  2. Pay a cut of your money to someone who can edit the pictures for you.

Either way you lose.

You either lose future business through a lack of recommendation from your partly satisfied client or you lose money from your gig.

This is why it is so important to be well-rounded in your practice. If you choose to do video, learn to both shoot AND edit. If you choose to do photography, learn to take photos AND edit them. If you want to make graphics, practice graphics but also practice taking the photos yourself.

This will make you more qualified as an employee. You also will not have to take a cut out of your money to pay someone else to do something for you. Also, doing everything yourself, you can ensure that the job will get done right.

Learn everything you can and be good at everything in your power. It will benefit you in the long run.

Here are some head shots I did yesterday. I will put before and after editing to show you the difference that it makes to do the little things. In this shoot I did hair, makeup, photos, and editing myself.

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