Module 12: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website for better search engine results. In doing this, a website will receive more clicks and more traffic than before which means more attention and publicity for the site.

SEO is a very useful thing to adopt for all website creators. There are three steps that I plan on taking to optimize my site in search engines.

  1. Initial keyword nomination- developing a prioritized list of targeted search terms related to my audience.
  2. Baseline ranking assessment- understanding where I rank in search engines so that I can see if I am making progress overtime.
  3. Create Page titles- help establish page theme and direction for keywords.

These are things that I could see benefiting my personal website. These and more are available through a graphic called Five SEO Strategies.

There are not many disadvantages to SEO other than the ones that are mostly an advantage anyway. Almost like a person on a job interview saying that their biggest weakness is being a perfectionist, the disadvantages of SEO include getting too much traffic for you to handle or reaching more than the target audience (competitors).

These disadvantages still mean more traffic on your page and more attention. Unless a person was to get involved with a bad SEO agency, They will most certainly benefit from using SEO for their website.


Module 11: Web Hosting and Domain Registration

This week the topic is web hosting and domain registration. This may be irrelevant for some in the class but I believe that if anyone is trying to have a real, professional looking site, not just used for a grade in the class, then they should purchase a domain name.

Web hosting is basically a server that gives websites a place in the internet while domains are interactive codes that give websites a particular name.

Purchasing a domain can be integral in making your website look more official and more professional. If people see the assigned domain given by the web host, then it doesn’t look like you care as much as if you have your own personalized domain name.

Do you think you will buy a domain name for yourself or your business? Why or why not?

Yes, I have already purchased my domain because having a website is something that I will use for my career as a photographer/videographer. Purchasing a domain was an investment that I believed would benefit me in the long run.

Do you think you will pay for hosting or use a free service (like the one provided in this class)? Why?

I am paying for a hosting service for my website. The hosting service that I used to create my website had a combined fee of hosting plus domain name so I pay a monthly fee for the two.


Module 10: Content Management Systems

In an article Nitish Tiwari, “3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared,” three different types of CMSs are compared. The three different types of content management systems are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

As far as installation, WordPress seems to be the most user-friendly which is a very attractive feature to many people. Drupal has a bit more lengthy approach but not as hard as it used to be. Joomla seems to be a good option due to the “secure feature of installer files deletion.”

WordPress definitely has the most themes and plugins available to users both directly and through marketplaces.

WordPress is also the way to go in the usability category for first time users as it is the most simple to navigate. For people who are familiar with the programing, Joomla is probably a better way to go.

As far as upgrading, WordPress is definitely the easiest to update because you can do it manually or just simply click the update button. This is a good feature for first time users and more experienced users.

Overall, is I was going to recommend a CMS it would definitely be WordPress. WordPress is the easiest to use and navigate for first time users and also a reliable source even for experienced users so it is always a safe bet.


Module 7: Web Video

This weeks lesson was on CSS which is basically adding personalized style to your website. Between colors, fonts, charts, tables, etc, there are so many different style choices and aesthetic effects that you can add to your website. CSS can be complicated but it can also be very effective when personalizing your web page.

This week’s module is on web video which is basically adding video to your website. As discussed in the reading, “audio and video are used for enhancing the experience with Web pages (e.g. audio background) to serving music, family videos, presentations, etc.”

I have been very excited for this topic because I shoot and edit videos as a scholarship for the football team and also as my job. I have done weddings, sports, and more. It is a passion of mine. That being said, video on my website is highly important. Video is an absolute necessity for my site so that people can see my talent and capabilities before asking for me to make them a video.

The pros to having video on your website are endless. Videos show a bigger picture and a complex idea of your life, product, or service. A picture captures a single moment in time whereas a video shows the entire thing. Not to mention a video can be edited in so many different ways, the possibilities are endless for what you can do with a single video. I do not believe that there are any cons to having video on a webpage. The only con would be if the video portrayed a person or business in a negative light or if the video was just overall bad quality or editing.

For my video, I decided to make a short little intro to my company, LRMedia. It is simple and to the point. It is more of an advertising video. I have more videos that I have made on my youtube channel and on my website which I will link below for anyone interested.

My video for this blog (Will take you to my Youtube account) – My Blog Video

My website – LRMedia


Module 5: Writing and Managing Email

Reflecting on last week

My CA 260 Digital Writing class has been learning how to work with html and develop websites through a simple tool like notepad. We are only doing the basics but it has given me very useful knowledge on the way it all works. Plus it is really cool to know how to do something like that because most people don’t. As far as creating my own website, I will definitely leave the hard, creative work up to other people and go through another website like Weebly or Wix to create my own.

Email Filters

In order to use a filter, you much login to your email through a browser. It may be possible through the app on your computer but I personally couldn’t figure it out. Using filters was actually really simple. All you have to do is search the particular group of emails that you want to filter and create a label for them. From there on out, all new emails given that label will be grouped together.

I simply chose to filter every email that contained CA 260 as CA 260- I am so basic. I did this just to test it out and see how I would like it. I will probably have more of an opinion on it when I receive an email or two. If I like it then I will definitely continue to use it because it was so simple to set up.

Email Etiquette

Email etiquette is very important, especially dealing with very educated higher ups like professors and bosses. It is important to be concise and to the point because chances are you are not the only one emailing them. They more than likely go through hundreds on emails on a regular basis so they don’t need to hear the minuscule details.

If I was to write an email to a professor about having to miss class, it would look something like this:

Dr. Sheffield

Hi, I am in your Monday evening class at 3:30. Due to a personal matter I will need to leave class a little early February 19. Just wanted to let you know because I know that can be a bit disruptive.


Lauren Roddam


In an article by David Masters he says practicing empathy is important because “When you do this, you understand their thoughts and feelings.” People like to know that you have their best interest in mind which is why I explained why I thought it was appropriate to email and let her know instead of just getting up and leaving class with no explanation.

Thanks for reading!


Module 4: Website Customization

For starters, it is very difficult to draw out what I saw in my head. So know that the website will be much better than what you are seeing in these horrendous pictures.

The first thing I learned from the article, “Organizing Web Content” was the importance of organizing a website into categories and subcategories. Especially with a photography and videography website like mine, it will be important to organize things accordingly. Photos need to be placed into categories so that the viewer will have an easier time finding what they came to find.

The next thing from the article that stood out to me was the types of pages that a website should have. It said that it should always have an “about” page, a “home” page, and also a “tips” page. This creates a personality for your website and makes it easier for the user to navigate it. In my opinion, simplicity is key.

This ties into the third tip that I learned from the video “How to design a killer homepage” which is that a home page should not be over the top with effects, colors, etc. It pulls attention away from the actual goal of the business or organization. Simple is effective.

Coming from the same video, another tip was to make the homepage of your website “scrollable.” The reason being is that everyone is used to scrolling through the web. Its something that people do automatically so having a “scrollable” homepage caters to that.

The last tip was that it is important to have a footer on the home page as a sort of miscellaneous section for your website. Many people look here for contact information or other things that could be helpful for the user.



Module 3: Website Setup in Weebly

Today I created a website in Weebly and to my surprise it was extremely user friendly. I have a website already and I used Wix to create it. The difference between Wix and Weebly is that there is much more room for creativity with Wix.

One of the features of Weebly that make it useful to people learning web design is the simplicity of it. There are plenty of preset themes and tools that make creating a website much less stressful. Although it includes these simple one click presets, it only gives little room for creativity.

Once I set up my account the rest was very simple. I picked a theme which was Acquire-Slick. And from there I began fine tuning the minor details to personalize it to my taste. I am not done with making it yet. I don’t believe someone can create a website in such a short amount of time. It takes time and effort making something personal but aesthetically pleasing to others eyes as well.

I don’t believe I will change the theme of my website but I will definitely continue to add touches here and there and update it throughout the semester.