Module 12: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website for better search engine results. In doing this, a website will receive more clicks and more traffic than before which means more attention and publicity for the site.

SEO is a very useful thing to adopt for all website creators. There are three steps that I plan on taking to optimize my site in search engines.

  1. Initial keyword nomination- developing a prioritized list of targeted search terms related to my audience.
  2. Baseline ranking assessment- understanding where I rank in search engines so that I can see if I am making progress overtime.
  3. Create Page titles- help establish page theme and direction for keywords.

These are things that I could see benefiting my personal website. These and more are available through a graphic called Five SEO Strategies.

There are not many disadvantages to SEO other than the ones that are mostly an advantage anyway. Almost like a person on a job interview saying that their biggest weakness is being a perfectionist, the disadvantages of SEO include getting too much traffic for you to handle or reaching more than the target audience (competitors).

These disadvantages still mean more traffic on your page and more attention. Unless a person was to get involved with a bad SEO agency, They will most certainly benefit from using SEO for their website.


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