Building Clientele

When beginning with photography/videography, the hardest part can simply be getting clients. When I first started I always thought to myself, “If people would just let me, I would do a great job for them.”

That being said, there was a way to go about creating clientele that I hadn’t yet figured out, and it was so simple.

Start small.

You can’t start a new business and expect it to blossom immediately. That is not the way that it works. It takes time just like everything else in this world.

The thing about small, new businesses is that they spread best by word of mouth. Sure you can advertise and use social media to try and get your name out but nothing is as effective as the word of mouth. Think about how many times you look up reviews on the internet or you ask a friend for advice on a particular thing.

People want to know what other people think.

The way to get this going is to practice with family and friends. Take pictures and videos of the people and things around you to get good at what you are doing. Do it all for free. When you are in the early stages, it is important to get as much practice as possible and it is not fair to charge for practice.

Once you feel that you have gotten good enough, charge the tiniest amount for something. The difference between you and a professional, is that they are a professional. They have way more experience than you so they should charge way more than you. Do not overcharge when you are still perfecting your craft.

Slowly raise prices the better you get. And when you get to a point where you know your work is good, don’t keep doing free sessions with people. At some point it becomes a waste of time for you that you could be doing something else. Of course give your friends and family a little discount or even do it for free for the special ones, but you get the point. At some point it becomes a business, so it should be treated as one.

Also, be nice to people. Your work is important but so is your attitude towards clients. People want to feel special. If people like your work and feel special, they are going to keep coming back to you and recommending you to people.

Lastly, get outside of your comfort zone. You should always be learning new things and growing in your profession. You can never become complacent if you want to be successful.


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