What’s in your camera bag?

A question that I get asked a lot is “what all am I supposed to have in my camera bag?”

That’s a difficult question because it really depends on what you are  doing. There is a huge difference in photography and videography, whether you plan on doing both or just one. Even if you choose just one, there is a huge difference in cinematic videography and vlog style videography.

For what I do though, which is both photography and videography, I do have some staple that I believe all aspiring content creators should have.

  1. A camera. Obvious I know. But I thought I would put it on here to talk a bit about cameras. You do not have to have a $5,000 camera to create good content. You can use a gopro, a DSLR, a drone, or whatever else. Cinematic movies have been shot on Iphones, keep that in mind
  2. Extra batteries and memory cards. These are things you use every time you shoot and things that can be used up, so having backups is very important and professional.
  3. Tripod. preferably a tall and a short one. This is important for so many reasons but one of the biggest is that it holds your camera steady and reduces shake which is so important in any content you create.
  4. Lenses. Personally I have long and short lenses for my cameras and one prime lens. This is not as important but still necessary. You can use a point and shoot lens for everything if you choose to. Having a variety of lenses just opens up your range of what you can shoot and makes you more well-rounded.
  5. Camera Backpack. This is simply so your equipment stays safe.

Those are the absolute basics and really all you need to create content. You could stop there if you wanted. Now, if you want really advanced and professional looking content, the list continues. This stuff is completely optional though.

  1. A steady cam or gimbal. Using one of these automatically creates more cinematic film. It keeps your camera steady when filming and reduces almost all of the shake when moving.
  2. Drone. A drone can capture shots that you would never be able to otherwise capture. They add a whole different effect to any video or photo shoot.
  3. ND Filter. Using one of these allows you to manipulate the light that reached your camera which can be really useful for shoots.
  4. Macro/Micro Lenses. These widen your lens capabilities which can prevent having to buy expensive wide angle lenses.

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