Module 10: Content Management Systems

In an article Nitish Tiwari, “3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared,” three different types of CMSs are compared. The three different types of content management systems are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

As far as installation, WordPress seems to be the most user-friendly which is a very attractive feature to many people. Drupal has a bit more lengthy approach but not as hard as it used to be. Joomla seems to be a good option due to the “secure feature of installer files deletion.”

WordPress definitely has the most themes and plugins available to users both directly and through marketplaces.

WordPress is also the way to go in the usability category for first time users as it is the most simple to navigate. For people who are familiar with the programing, Joomla is probably a better way to go.

As far as upgrading, WordPress is definitely the easiest to update because you can do it manually or just simply click the update button. This is a good feature for first time users and more experienced users.

Overall, is I was going to recommend a CMS it would definitely be WordPress. WordPress is the easiest to use and navigate for first time users and also a reliable source even for experienced users so it is always a safe bet.


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