Module 9: Security & Privacy

Last week in class we used the class period to take a quiz instead of do a lab. The quiz was on Javascript which seems really complicated and first glance but is very useful to a personal website. Javascript allows functionality of a website which is obviously a very important factor.

This week the subject is security and privacy. This is so important as many people know, but precautions are usually not implemented in order to actually protect this privacy.

As a communication major and future videographer/photographer, the biggest issue I believe would come about is the issue of people claiming and copyrighting my personal work as their own. This is actually a huge factor in this industry because you would lose credibility and other people would take credit for your work.

One way to avoid this as seen in “Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself More Hack-Proof,” is to never reuse the same password. In doing this, you ensure that is one website is breached, your profile will still be okay on the other websites because you did not use the same password.

I would say that changes in views of privacy will definitely cause public discourse in a democratic society. People value their privacy more than anything and will feel that it is invaded is anything changes.


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