Module 7: Web Video

This weeks lesson was on CSS which is basically adding personalized style to your website. Between colors, fonts, charts, tables, etc, there are so many different style choices and aesthetic effects that you can add to your website. CSS can be complicated but it can also be very effective when personalizing your web page.

This week’s module is on web video which is basically adding video to your website. As discussed in the reading, “audio and video are used for enhancing the experience with Web pages (e.g. audio background) to serving music, family videos, presentations, etc.”

I have been very excited for this topic because I shoot and edit videos as a scholarship for the football team and also as my job. I have done weddings, sports, and more. It is a passion of mine. That being said, video on my website is highly important. Video is an absolute necessity for my site so that people can see my talent and capabilities before asking for me to make them a video.

The pros to having video on your website are endless. Videos show a bigger picture and a complex idea of your life, product, or service. A picture captures a single moment in time whereas a video shows the entire thing. Not to mention a video can be edited in so many different ways, the possibilities are endless for what you can do with a single video. I do not believe that there are any cons to having video on a webpage. The only con would be if the video portrayed a person or business in a negative light or if the video was just overall bad quality or editing.

For my video, I decided to make a short little intro to my company, LRMedia. It is simple and to the point. It is more of an advertising video. I have more videos that I have made on my youtube channel and on my website which I will link below for anyone interested.

My video for this blog (Will take you to my Youtube account) – My Blog Video

My website – LRMedia


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