Module 6: Access and Accessibility

This week in our lab, we went over how to make sites more user friendly and also more aesthetically pleasing. We were shown some well-designed sites, and also some that looked like a 10-year-old sister made it.

This is such an important feature when creating a website because people judge a product or service first with their eyes. If something is aesthetically pleasing, then it draws a person in.

People are attracted to attractive things- hence “attract-ive.”

It is really helpful to see other websites and their designs, good and bad, because it will show you idea of what you want and don’t want for your own website.

In the readings for this week, one of the biggest things that stood out to me was in the article about Accessibility in which they discussed placing alternative text throughout your website.

When equivalent alt text is provided, the information is available to people who are blind.

This is helpful for those people who are blind and can not read the text provided which is very important in order to reach a larger audience.

This is often something that is passed by without a single thought so it is important to educate yourself on things like this so you do not leave out specific audiences from interacting with your website.


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