An Opportunity

One of the experiences I remember very clearly is when I got a call from a guy with a fashion line called EKWEL. He said he had heard about me through a friend and wanted me to shoot some pictures and video for him.

I was stoked.

So we met at Starbucks to talk about some details and we ended up being there for hours. Three whole hours. He told me about having a business and getting started and having the motivation to be successful.

He had me so excited to work.

We met again to do the shoot. We shot at a library downtown and also at a coffee shop. He was introducing his new black polo.

The shoot went great and I spent about a week editing his pictures and making him a video. He loved them.

I loved this experienced because it gave me knowledge and an opportunity to network and expand horizons. So if you get anything from this blog, understand that every opportunity, good or bad, is a learning experience and will make you better at whatever you goal is.

Here are some photos from that day


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