Module 4: Website Customization

For starters, it is very difficult to draw out what I saw in my head. So know that the website will be much better than what you are seeing in these horrendous pictures.

The first thing I learned from the article, “Organizing Web Content” was the importance of organizing a website into categories and subcategories. Especially with a photography and videography website like mine, it will be important to organize things accordingly. Photos need to be placed into categories so that the viewer will have an easier time finding what they came to find.

The next thing from the article that stood out to me was the types of pages that a website should have. It said that it should always have an “about” page, a “home” page, and also a “tips” page. This creates a personality for your website and makes it easier for the user to navigate it. In my opinion, simplicity is key.

This ties into the third tip that I learned from the video “How to design a killer homepage” which is that a home page should not be over the top with effects, colors, etc. It pulls attention away from the actual goal of the business or organization. Simple is effective.

Coming from the same video, another tip was to make the homepage of your website “scrollable.” The reason being is that everyone is used to scrolling through the web. Its something that people do automatically so having a “scrollable” homepage caters to that.

The last tip was that it is important to have a footer on the home page as a sort of miscellaneous section for your website. Many people look here for contact information or other things that could be helpful for the user.



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