Module 3: Website Setup in Weebly

Today I created a website in Weebly and to my surprise it was extremely user friendly. I have a website already and I used Wix to create it. The difference between Wix and Weebly is that there is much more room for creativity with Wix.

One of the features of Weebly that make it useful to people learning web design is the simplicity of it. There are plenty of preset themes and tools that make creating a website much less stressful. Although it includes these simple one click presets, it only gives little room for creativity.

Once I set up my account the rest was very simple. I picked a theme which was Acquire-Slick. And from there I began fine tuning the minor details to personalize it to my taste. I am not done with making it yet. I don’t believe someone can create a website in such a short amount of time. It takes time and effort making something personal but aesthetically pleasing to others eyes as well.

I don’t believe I will change the theme of my website but I will definitely continue to add touches here and there and update it throughout the semester.




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