The Start of Me

So this is my first personal blog. My personal blog is going to be about my media. I have my own media brand called LRMedia that i created and branded about half a year ago. Sounds pretty straight forward, but I wanted to tell about how I ended up here. My whole future drastically changed within the last year so I wanted to share it.

I came to college as a biology major. Growing up no one could talk me out of the idea that I was going to be a marine biologist. It was my dream to come to South and study at Dauphin Island and save the fish.

Little did I know, that would not stick.

People always told me that I would end up changing my major in college, as most college students did, but I was still not convinced. As a freshman I was taking junior level science courses and killing myself to do it. I had no life.

When I came to college I got a scholarship to work for the football team doing their video work. This being said, I did not even know start/stop on a camera. It was simply a scholarship and that was it.

I began learning really quickly and teaching myself new things and opportunities began to present themselves. I had never thought about actually using this as a career path until I was approached by my boss. He informed me that I had an eye for the work and I could do big things with it.

So i began to think.

And think.

The more I thought, the more excited I got about this new path. I soon had no doubt in my mind that this is what I wanted to do.

Six months later, I bought rights to my logo, bought a domain for my website, and flew with it.

Now here I am. I have hanged my major to communications, shot for sports, weddings, engagements, fashion, etc.

I did not realize why I was not happy my freshman year. But I realize now that I was killing myself to achieve something that wasn’t making me happy. So, if you get nothing else from this blog, get this: Don’t do what doesn’t make you happy. It is exhausting. Enjoy your life and enjoy what you choose to do with it, you’re the one that has to live it.


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