Module 2 – Do’s and Dont’s

As far as this specific class goes, I believe one of the main “Do’s” would be to be yourself and be relatable. This is especially important for this class. The fact of the matter is that these posts are part of an assignment, they are not of a preferred topic to a majority of this class. Most of the time classmates will read these for reasons other than pure interest; therefore, the blogs may as well be relatable and personal.

If someone is going to take the time to read your blog, they are going to want to see real and genuine opposed to a blog that was written just because it was assigned.

Blogs are places where personalities should show through.

Also for this particular class, a good “Don’t” would be “Don’t avoid trying new things.” Again, these are written because they are assigned, no one is judging you (or at least not too harshly). There is not a huge following to please, so why not take risks and try new things?

Better now than later.

For my personal blog, a “Do” that will definitely be carried over will be to share images. Being that my blog is going to be a branch off of my media account, sharing images will be very important for getting my message and personality across.

I’ll need to show my personality through my photography.

A “Don’t” that will be especially important for me will be to not set unrealistic goals. I have a very hectic schedule with everything I have going on, so it would be highly unrealistic for me to set frequent blog dates. Also a majority of what I do is videography so it would be unrealistic for me to set the goal to show all of what I do through a blog.

It is not possible.

To ensure that my blogs are readable, memorable, and worth the read to my audience, I will do my best to be completely open and real with whatever I am writing about. People like genuine and relatable people so that is what I plan on being.

Open and real.



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