Module 1: Hi Everyone

Hey guys. My name is Lauren Roddam. I am 19 years old and I am a communications major with a focus in digital cinema and television and I am about to start a minor in business. I currently have a business of my own called LRMedia (hence my name on here) so I figured that is what I would make my blog about. I do photography and videography. I create and edit my own content. I have done weddings, sports, special events, etc. I would usually rather go on youtube and watch a video rather than read a blog. But I would imagine that blogs could be useful too as far as understanding some behind the scenes technical stuff of people in a media related field. Blogs are a very useful way for people to spread their own thoughts and open up to an audience that is willing to listen and understand. I know that I have read a lot of food blogs to get recipes. Like I said, I would normally rather watch a video, but I guess that is why I am in my particular field of work. With that being said, blogs are a great way to reach a different audience and could be useful in spreading the word of a small business such as my own and also gaining knowledge of other people who do the same thing as me. One of the articles said that no one will spend as much time on your blog as you, so make it comfortable. So I plan on working on it and making it the best possible over the next few weeks. Very excited.

Check out my website – LRMedia



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